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Chambers County Youth Project Show

On July 30, 1955, members of the East and West Chambers County Farm Bureaus and their families held a picnic in Fort Anahuac Park which included a variety of youth events and games. The success of the picnic resulted in a sense of unity, fellowship, and goodwill among county residents geographically separated by the Trinity River. Influenced by events such as the Farm Bureau picnic, and aware of the need for unity within the county, leaders of various youth, government, and civic organizations began plans for an annual youth show.  

Under the direction of the Farm Bureau and the Commissioners Court, the Chambers County Youth Project Show was organized as a noncommercial endeavor to involve area young people and to promote their talents and skills. The first show was held in 1956 at Fort Anahuac Park. Later, facilities were built at this site on land acquired with the cooperation of the J.T. White Family and through donations from the Modesto White Family and the Clifford White Family. The Chambers County Youth Project Show, held at White Memorial Park since 1968, has become a major annual event, involving a variety of county youth groups.

And for over 40 years, Anahuac National Bank has been, not only a sponsor of the Youth Project Show, but has been volume buyer year in and year out.


4th of July Fireworks

For over 10 years, Anahuac National Bank has provided the community of Anahuac and Chambers County a firework shows to celebrate the 4th of July, our country’s birthday. Fireworks are set off at Fort Anahuac park close to the boat docks in Trinity Bay, creating a fantastic viewing area along the bay. Visitors can also look forward to music, a picturesque settings and family fun environment. 


“Welcome Our New Teachers”

For the last 25 years our banks have provided and sponsored a “New Teacher Luncheon” welcoming the teachers and administrators of Chambers County who are entering the Hardin, Barbers Hill, Anahuac and the East Chambers Independent School Districts. The 100 plus new educators who attend this lunch every year are graciously provided lunch by one of the local restaurants or eateries in Chambers County.


Texas Gatorfest

Anahuac is the Alligator Capital of Texas and Anahuac National Bank has been a proud corporate sponsor of the Texas Gatorfest for over a quarter of a century. Come to the Texas Gatorfest for live music, live alligators and a good time. A festival for the whole family to enjoy! Gator exhibits and activities, boat rides and tours, BBQ cook-off, Texas history, carnival, and live music the entire weekend!


Trinity Valley Expo

From the ashes arose the first Liberty County Fair. A fire had swept through and destroyed the business district in Liberty, Texas. Afterward, the community gathered and joined forces, hosting the first annual County Fair at the courthouse in October 1909. Every year since the inspiring beginnings of the Fair, now known as the Trinity Valley Exposition, it has grown to be a standard event, benefiting the youth of both Liberty and Chambers counties with livestock project auctions and by awarding scholarships.

Texas Rice Festival

The Texas Rice Festival started as a one-day affair in Winnie in 1969 and has since grown into an eight-day harvest celebration for almost the last 50 years. The renowned Texas Rice Festival recognizes the significance of rice farming, a major economic activity in the region, especially in the Winnie Area. The festival includes a carnival, livestock show, barbeque cook-off, nightly street dances, parades, pageants, music, great food and, or course rice balls.

What is a rice ball? A rice ball is a combination of several ingredients, but basically begins with a ball of rice with chili inside. It’s then breaded and fried. Volunteers at the St. Louis Catholic Church are responsible for the round, tasty treats, and every year they make an estimated 10,000 to sell in their single largest fundraiser of the year. The St. Louis Catholic Church is just one of the many food booths that are nonprofit, with all their money going back into the community.

Funds generated help pay for 12 different scholarships at participating schools such as East Chambers, Hamshire-Fannett, Anahuac and High Island, plus there are welding and livestock scholarships, and a special scholarship for the Texas Rice Festival Queen.

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